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Care: Rebollons are sold out of salmonella

From the Tournette, located in Fillies, Haute-Savoie, has renounced all rebollons known and half nourished rice moles follows the case of salmonella infection of people who have consumed it.

The company decided "as a precaution to move out of sales and a number of blockages actually made and a half serve on a set of scrap metal on their side.

This is the sanitary mark FR 74.128.050 EC and their surprising dates are between November 17 and December 16, 2018.

All chats are concerned. In order to respond to existing questions, La Fromagerie La Tournette has made the next phone number available 0800 94 01 64, from 8 o'clock at 19 o'clock.

The cheese factory advises "people who keep the products concerned do not forget them and destroy them or return them to the point of sale for a fee. "

Why should you be careful?

In general, infectious people are over mage, diarrhea and fever. These symptoms appear between 12 and 72 hours after consuming a contaminated food.
In older children, children's books or immune-pressed people, the infection may be very severe or even deadly, the Institute Pasteur explains.

Salmonellosis is a disease caused by Enterobacteria of the Salmonella genus. Most Salmonella are subdued in pests of lower animals and are most commonly injured by people injured by people injured.

In human pathology, salmonella contains two important types of diseases: gastroenteritis and typhus and parasyphalic birds.

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