Wednesday , October 27 2021

Brewery of Bresse mentions Emmanuel Macron in yellow


In a video in & # 39; The Internet is 'viral,' a young horse producer from Bresse, who appoints the Élysée, explains his need and his effort to live his farm. The prosecutor of President Macron should contact him to visit his situation.

For five days is a video of Alois Gury, a young horse producer from Bresse, on the Internet. It's already over 52,000 views. Wearing a yellow while filmed in one of 11 buildings of his post and speaks directly to Emmanuel Macron. "You do not represent my bird to eat, I'm probably not understanding agriculture," he explains. He thinks he did, after he had done research that the Bresse horse had served on the Elizabethan table at the November 11 ceremony, in # 39; The presence of Angela Merkel, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, came from his congregation: Montrevel-en-Bresse, in Ain. "Breeders in Montrevel, there are not 150, I'm the only one," he says.

Three years in this breeding of 16,000 kits installed, this thirty-father, father of a child, in a relationship with a school assistant, strives to meet the challenge. "With 1200 euros in a month to live and two cars in the countryside, how do we live?" He asks the President of # 39; the Republic. I want to give you your advice, "he adds. Every Tuesday his mother is required to place his refrigerator for 50 euro, he says that it will swallow his tears.

A week of vacation in three years

Alois Gury makes it clear that they have only taken one week of vacation in three years. Approved by the Agrarian Social Sociality (MSA), it was benefited from "help with resit", a device to rest farmers and to rescue the "breakthrough".

Alois Gury looked too great. Approximately 150 kitchens from his farm are constantly diminished every week by the slaughterers and buy him less. A number that a neighbor thinks is too high to go through. However, he has changed four times the food of his ears. Financial helps the community of municipalities for renting eleven festivals for only 1,000 euros in year. With this difficulty, the agricultural adviser to visit the chairman of # 39; the Republic, Audrey Bourroleau, who try to visit him since Wednesday. "They want to make a good point about their situation, to see if he has all the tools to activate," says Figaro a spokesman for the Élysée.

A consultation of an elsewhere

In addition, the Elysee believes the bottom of the story is Alois Gury's words. "The Presidency of the Republic is subsidy of public controls and does not directly direct to producers and goes through intermediaries that work with different builders, said a statement of President. a regular temporary mediator for Bresse Le Coq Saint Honore, which is not available to this producer for the Elysee.In contrast to what is said, Alois Gury has not offered the bird for the 11th afternoon, it is about two other breeders: Cyril Degluaire and Thierry Desmaris, Alois Gury has never done the Elysée. "

For her part, the facial tape is contacted by Le Figaro, do not want to respond. Wednesday, December 5, the famous rules on designing agricultural prizes as expected by farmers. They need to make the food preparation by starting the cost of # 39; the farmer to make farmers to make a decent income through which they can deliver their trade. What is to get Alois Gury.

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