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Breakout Measles in Colombia, recommendations …


In Colombia, a mere epidemic has been done Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to issue a traveler. Between March and October 2018, healthcare in Colombia has indicated biologically confirmed cases of moles.

129 confirmed cases were imported, 75 were related to importation (25 columns of secondary transmission among people in Venezuela and 50 related to cards that were carried out by Columns) and 9 of sources of research. No related deaths are reported.

Teens are reported in many departments. The district of Cartagena and the department of Norte de Santander represent 65% of the total number of confirmed cases.

de Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that travelers to Colombia should ensure they are In most mice with the MMR (messen-momps-rubella) trials in vaccine.

Removing the walls

Moths, a major infection of disease, remain a leading cause of death in young children all over the world, despite the availability of an effective vaccine. It is caused by the mard virus, belonging to the genus morbillivirus, family of Paramyxoviridae. The virus is transmitted through direct contacts and through the air, the introduction of seeds of membranes and spreading the body. Meals is a strangely human, without animal village.

Although commonly used, cold can cause many complications, such as encephalitis and pneumonia, and in rare cases, it can be fatal in Europe (the mortal is much higher in inter-tropical Africa). Protection close to 100% has been received after two doses of a triple mausoleum-rubella vaccine.

The first sign of mipple infection is usually a high fever, which is about 10 to 12 days after exposure and will remain for 4 to 7 days. In this startup, the picture can have scrambled nose (crooked nose), cough, red and white eyes, and small whitespace in the inside of the picture. the cheeks. The candle appears a few days later, mostly on the face and above. In # 39days it will be available to reach the hands and feet. It will remain 5 to 6 days before disappearing. It is averaged 14 days after exposition to the bike, in an interval of 7 to 18 days.

Most deaths are due to the complications of disease. These are generally the age of 5 or adult or 20 years old. Under the most serious conclusions are blindness, encephalitis, violent diarrhea (the may lead to dehydration), ear infections and serious respiratory infections such as pneumonia.

In France, vaccination for mouths, now required for all children born on January 1, 2018, requires the administration of two teachers of a three-month vaccine MMR (mears, mumps and rubella): a first teacher in & # 39; a 12-year-old and a second teacher between 16 and 18 months. To reduce expenditures, if you have been born since 1980, you must also receive two doses of embezzlement.

Facsimile travelers help prevent or distribute disease in other countries.

To find out whether or not morfals in a situation are offered for their situation and to know if they are well protected, anyone or their children can make an electronic vaccine report (CVE) on the website The CVE contains a precise and comprehensive expert system. It is available on desktop or smartphone (mobile interface, iPhone and Android applications). The mobile application has access to a personalized vaccine diagnosis and validation of the electronic vaccine record of patients.

Source: Outbreak News Today.

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