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Aucune roson de soppers au cannabis therapeutique, pourl le comité éthique et cancer


AFP, published on martial law November 27, 2018 to 21h02

The ethical and cancer committee, a consultative example, does not find the rhythm of the use of the cannabis use of the adult's attainment of a serious illness that tears a benefit, even if it is bone n'est Do not disassociate the rigoureuse mode.

One patient has attained cancer, which affirms that the consummation of this product is subjected to intense and chronic pain and its nausea, which may cause the Comité in the interrogation of the ethical character or not of the intervention of cannabis in a contexte thérapeutique.

Elle compares the interdiction act to "refusal of soins", on Tuesday, the committee is presided by Prof. Axel Kahn, généticien and honorary president of the Paris-Descartes university.

Malgré les données encore insuffisantes sur les effets therapeutiques du cannabis, le Comité est fixé à déterminer le existe des étiques éthiques de soppers à la consommation de cannabis par des malades qui s'en disent soufflées.

"The reason for the argument is that the deficiency of a partial consumption of the species is the nature of the continuity of the intermediate," estimates.

"Particularly, it is possible to identify the effective effect of having the highest degree of survival of a person-friendly approach to the adult's attitudes to a serious, potentially mortal, and severe malady."

Mais il recommande de notre fumer et privilegier d'autres forms de consommation.

According to the Comité, the notice is available online (, it conveys that access to cannabis or its active substances "must be administered by the authority of the health care provider, the guarantees necessary quantities of quality, the concentrations and the optimal use of the cannabis or their active substances. "

Cet "provides the permit for the benefit of the people who have dispatched the appeal of the parallel circles" for their own sake and their ability to take advantage of the pursuit of the benefits of their consummation. "

The League against cancer is based on the creation of the Ethical and Cancer Committee, installed in 2008 by the Ministry of Health at Roselyne Bachelot-Narquin.

A committee of experts from the APS Medical Center has recently concluded its conclusions on the end of the year on the intent of melting a place in France to access the thermal cannabis.

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