Tuesday , November 30 2021

Annabelle Varane, media star, but anonymous crime in Mauritius


Some failed her hot fruit in her hotel. – Laurent VU / SIPA

If you miss, forget your identity: You play your region. In Mauritius, where the journey of # was to take place, one gives Limousin, Picardy or Corsica. And as
Annabelle Varane, sister
Footballer, already has a well-known name, she is not an exception. Here is the "Nord-Pas-de-Calais". No previous treatment for the wrong, so.

Apart from media outlets that wait for their first interview with their impatience. "It's normal that my name comes out of curiosity, says the young woman in the first century we've been interested in her region, three times in # 39 in the # 39. The last four elections I am very proud of my career and my family in general. "

"It was not forbidden."

And to click that they are the last of four children, with a big sister bag and a lawyer brother. "They are very sheltered and ask me to ask, one way to avoid the question:" Did your brother get you to get the media? She also tells her about her little sister and sister, one of her, like her eldest son, says the soccer player, and the other wants a doctor.

How did she miss her miss adventure, she put her on a wax, to & # 39; the end of the summer. It was not premeditated. "I tried the model, but it does not work," says Varane. When I'm spontaneous, I went to Miss Dunkerquois, where I did not live, to get more and more comfortable. I love Miss France, I have always seen it, it's magic. "Especially since the elections will find place in Lille, at home, they are" happy ".

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