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Amazone: misleading communications for data transmission through technical error


Different Amazon clients received a brief e-mail informing them that their name and e-mail address are required, without further specification.

Since November 21, 2018, many Amazon customers get an e-mail message that their name and email address are listed by the site of Amazon. Without further information.

The email of Amazon sent to French customers who are involved in the data. // Source: Digital century

The semi complete glass of Amazon

Amazon is committed to two details in the US military crisis. First, the company suggests that it is a technical error that results in the data, not a security break hackers evil. This error is still widespread, and a month to Amazon employees who email part of customers to third parties.

Second, it is clear that the problem is determined without inspiring the customers. More than an e-mail alert to a data leak, it is rotated so as to resolve the resolution of the problem. Customer communication would be merely politics, for pricing possible reactions. And among the services of different countries there is no one to comment. For some users, Amazon's client even considered that the e-mail was sent a phishing scam – it was of course not sure.

The information that is included, however, showed the clients of possible phishing techniques, and can cause bad people to monopolize their accounts.

Amazon refuses to indicate how many users are influenced, but lamenting to get in touch with all the attacking customers. Article 33 of the GDP complements companies to provide personal data of & nbsp; to report the conviction within 72 hours of the event of personal data letters – that is why the Amazon appeared. It remains to see whether this error, there is little known, can be considered a breach of data.

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