Wednesday , October 20 2021

After an order from the mayor, Dieudonné dies


Dieudonné M 'Bala M' Bala, asserting several times for racial debt, tackling hatred or injuries to terrorism, made his shows in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), following a decision by the mayor PCF for the local private to conclude where it's been late, Wednesday was the town hall.

"I learn from the afternoon that Dieudonné annulates his shows in Montreuil," Mayor Patrice Bessac wrote in a statement. "I am pleased that the legal and legal approach we have chosen has fruit bearing," he adds.

The council has adopted a court of # 15 "Provincial closure of the property" on November 15, following an unforgettable idea for the reception of the public, issued by the City Security Committee for a "serious and dangerous danger".

In spite of this municipal law, the polemic first held its show. In & # 39; The incomprehensibility with this opinion, the municipal police has cleared the function of the room on November 22. Thousands of people also protest against this show of 'show'.

Since October 25th, Dieudonné in this room had conducted various associations in the series and stayed for planting in mid-December.

"Montreuil is a world-class and mixed race, values ​​based on mutual respect and fraternity, the anti-Semitic remarks that are held in Genuine Genres have no place," said the mayor.

Since 2002, Dieudonné has been the subject of many legal procedures. First of all, he was convicted in May 2016 for 2 months and found 10,000 euros for "racial and provocation to hate" due to anti-Semitic remarks in his show "The Foul Beast".

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