Tuesday , June 6 2023

A man stabbed into a cafe terrace.


The investigator wants to know what motive is the author of the stabbing.

A man was stabbed while sitting on a cafe terrace in Toulouse on Thursday. The perpetrator was known to have been detained on Sunday. 20 minutes.

"Torn". Around Thursday, around 22 pm, a 34-year-old customer was "separated" from a stranger, police sources said. Thanks to the nurse who passed the street at that time, he received first aid treatment.

"Assassination attempt". The alleged drug suspects were arrested on a nightly night arrested in Toulouse-Blagnac airport from Thursday to Friday. The Toulouse prosecutor immediately opened a criminal investigation of "attempted murder" and on Saturday the suspect was detained before trial. As a victim, she was hospitalized on Sunday for intensive treatment.

Flight in food business. The investigator does not yet know the motive of the assailant. Shortly before entering the action, he and his accomplice flew to a grocery store near the coffee terrace. Did he then confuse the client with another person? According to the first element of the investigation, the victim would have played no role in this flight story.

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