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A global sanitary scandal on the medical implants

Par Chloé Hecketsweiler et Stéphane Horel

More than 250 journalists and 59 media, "Le Monde", have been investigating the cares of controlling the medical device. Rien quaux Etats-Unis, those last years, those who have suffered 82,000 murders and 1.7 million injuries.

The total number of incidents is 5,47,7,285. There are more than 82,000 brands, 1.7 million injured and 3.6 million deficiencies. These are doubly vertical, these are the causes caused by the past few years in the United States by means of medical devices, a family of tools that contain the insulin pumps, the pacemakers or the prostheses of the skin.

They do not represent a reality that is part of the reality. If the United States offers a declaration of disclosure related to these devices, partially, or presumably, the manner of transparency dominates, in the case of prerequisites, the secret business. These data are crucial for the patients and the health professionals are confident, unnecessary, and some uninsured. On this day, it can retrieve the origin of a soda chain in fond of Congo thanks to its code bar. But do not miss a defective implant in your coat of arms.

Incomplete data base

Pendant plus moms, plus 59 medias of the International Association of Journalists of Investigation (ICIJ), do not Le MondeThey are all in control of the administrative openness of their respective pay, for access to public procurement services and assess the damage caused by these implants. In France, the 1978 law allows for access to administrative documents – the equivalent of the famous Anglo-Saxon Freedom of information. Malgré des vins de non-recevoir et des complains unecomplètes ou censurées, l'enquête des Implant Files à jour à une system de vive surveillance aveugle à dégâts provoqués par les dispositifs médicaux.

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Partout in the world, the number of incidents increases inexorably. It has been multiplied by five years in the United States, after the estimates of the ICIJ. Maude, the state-of-the-art public service agency (FDA), which includes the surveillance of the surveillance of the United States, shows that the implants are the most common causes and the pumps are insulated by a sensor The glycemia (about 421,000 incidents, 1,118 morts and 95,444 injuries). The devices that cause the greater the causes are the dialysis automated devices in the case of insufficient renole, with 2 624 in a decade.

In Europe, the report of the incident data has been in the limelight at the beginning of the year 2000. Germany has been able to record 100 in the year for a recuperation of more than 14,000. In the United Kingdom, at approximately 20 000 and 2017. In France, the National Security Agency (ANSM) is a market leader in maturity, in a database of "MRVeille" data, Incomplete, in fact, the number of incidents that has doubled in the years, with more than 18,000 casinos in 2017 and around 158,000 incidents and up to six years.

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