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10% (France 2), Season 3: Where were we?


France 2, the third season of the series, will start broadcasting on November 14 this Wednesday. 10%. This new episode should focus on the agency and welcome more famous celebrities like Dujardin or Monica Bellucci. Before the broadcast, Télé 7 Jours reminds me a bit of the previous season.

In the first episode we knew that Matthias was very bad. His wife actually learned about Camilla, who had been out of the confusion 24 years ago, and filed a divorce suit. Damn, he wants to get in touch with Andrea's assistant daughter again. He does not want his secret to be revealed to the members of the agency. Matthias reveals to Nomi that Camille's father is Christophe Lambert. Christophe Lambert faces his "daughter" and creates a strange situation.

When Andréa returns to her parents' house, she becomes a millionaire after meeting Hicham Janowski, who she knew in college. The latter is very satisfied with the idea of ​​investing in actors and is far from satisfying everyone as a majority shareholder … Hicham decides to test the agent by suggesting a challenge to the agent. Depending on who can get Fabrice Luchini as a customer, you will receive a bonus of 15,000 euros. Andrea wins.

Andrea falls into a bar to her ex-boyfriend, Colette, without two women who can reconcile. On Gabriel side everything is not rosy. The latter dream of seeing his girlfriend, protected and actress Sofia, gets the casting. She decides to change her agent for the couple and chooses Matthias.

As for Noémie, she eventually exchanged kisses with her assistant agent. Relationship was born … Please enter Julien Doré who wants to make erotic films. And would it be better to have someone to accompany him on this project than Sofia? Hicham and Andrea want to seduce the same model and play the role of a triad in which the agent and the boss are sleeping together. For his part, Matthias finally reveals that Camilla is his daughter as well. The assistant leaves Paris and joins a mother who helps in her salon. When Andrea finds out she is pregnant, she returns to Colette and Colette reveals that she is expecting a baby.

Noémie, who joins Matthias in Cannes, is looking for a second woman to help her surprise her. The assistant sacrifices herself and breaks her heart and gives her a ticket. Matthias finally reconciles with his ex-wife. Meanwhile, Noémie and Hervé stay at the institution to see at the festival. Matthias decides to take Camille from her car to her mother and suggests that she accompany her.

He discovers that the latter is pregnant while he searched the Andrea office for a contract. He is facing her in Cannes explaining that she wants to participate in this pregnancy. But Andrea does not accept it.

Gabriel, jealous of the relationship between Sofia and Julien Doré, was funded by a film "erotic" singer. Sofia learns at the end of the evening by a French defendant. 2. She leaves Khan. Gabriel faces the consequences of his actions.

Andréa receives a position in a large agency in New York and suggests Camille follow her. His former assistant drops the piece when Hicham offers him a job. Colette suggests calling Andrea to raise a child of the future.

What will Andréa choose? Will Gabriel and Sofia be separated? How will the relationship between Andrea and Hicham evolve? Is it between Nomemi and Matthias? See you tonight.

Marie Caroline Cabot

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