Tuesday , October 19 2021

Tigray Front expels thousands of farmers in the Ethiopian region – Prensa Latina


According to an official statement, TPLF troops sabotaged, looted and destroyed the Kobo-Girana project for irrigated development under pressure, located in the northern Wollo zone of Amhara, causing the exodus of most farmers.

As a result of the criminal act, all irrigation facilities, which were built to irrigate more than 2,000 hectares in the site, stopped operating completely, states the text.

With this project, the document adds, thousands of people had the opportunity to guarantee food security for their families, because the conditions were created so that they could sow vegetables, fruits and other crops, and bring the crops smoothly to the markets.

Following the announcement, and during a public appearance, Deputy Director of Tigray Agriculture Bureau Abebaw Getu accused the TPLF of displaying civilians, announcing that ‘the project will be restored if the terrorist group is defeated.’

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