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SEPDM warns against political movements for state day in the region


Muferiat Kamil _ SEPDM
Muferiat Kamil (M), chairman of SEPDM.
Photo source: FBC

November 27, 2012

Fragments of what zone in the federal government was opposed to the 10th Congress of the South Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement (SEPDM) – says the central committee of # 39; the party

In a statement that was sent earlier yesterday after an emergency representation of the central committee called 39 was called for the situation in # to regain the region, renouncing the movements in some zones to end their relationship with the regional state and to be in their own state.

Council meetings in Sidama, Wolaita, Kembata and Guraghe-zones have been consistently encouraged by ethnic basic industries.

The party further places that a study in rule is in relation to administrative agreement and that new governing structures with a legal framework of # 39; the regional council will be determined after the completion of the study.

The statement of the party further said a committee that has been derived from experts and intellectuals was formed for state complaints, and outcomes of # The study will help relief efforts.

And the party makes it clear that any other movements outside these processes and procedures are not in line with the directions that the 10th Congress of SEPDM and its President, Muferiat Kamil, is appointed to the most powerful ministerial position in the country, the Ministry of Peace.

The party, however, seems to decide to fight the laws and anarchy for the string of warnings and restriction of movement of citizens will not be tolerated.

Unlike other regional states, the region is home to more than 50 ethnic groups and has previously sought an ethnic violence that has caused serious humanitarian crisis, including thousands of people.

Photo: File (Muferiat Kamil in # party in September 2018)

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