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Carlos Ghosn: What the papers say

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Magazines and magazines are displayed for sale in a trading shop in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Takashi Aoyama / Getty Images

Japan is influenced by the fall of the grave of one of her most successful and most popular (until this week) master.

The Japan Times Expected that Nissan's Hiroto Saikawa had changed the wrong abuse of Ghosn on a regime had "allotted all power in Nissan for a longer period in the hands of Gosn."

The newspaper added:

"If that's the case, it's Nissan itself that 20 years no longer provides an opaque way of managing the company, and the automaker will not have to run for his arm so that it may be due to the importance of their interest is damaged. "

De Yomiuri Shimbun Nissan's perspectives "became ever clearer" as a result of Gosn's arrest. "Nissan should try to improve his organization by industry tools as a repatriation of corporation structure, so it can try trustworthy," she said.

De Asahi Shimbun The week's manifestations are considered "remarkably" and re-released Nissan to fully explore the results of their internal research into Ghosn and Greg Kelly.

"The company is in danger of falling into a dysfunctional, except it does it best to do all its things to its shareholders and comes up with measures to deal with the current crisis."

De Mainichi Shimbun said the statement against Ghosn, likely to be "a serious action of despair" and "the loss of long-term dictatorship". It added:

"The merchant should look for a fundamental view of his management in a way to recover the trust of shareholders and the market."

The agenda: Nissan had to go Gosn today


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