Monday , November 29 2021

Malta Guinness hold the Maltavator Challenge audience in Abuja – Try the finalists!


Winners of Maltavator Challenge Abuja AuditionDe Malta Guinness Maltavator Challenge Audition train was on the federal major areas, Abuja on the weekend to share the thrilling, fun and excitement of the Maltavator Challenge audience.

The Abuja audition was the fourth in this series of auditions and enthusiastic consumers in Abuja and redirected attention to the healing of the Maltavator Challenge. They came in & # 39; s location of & # 39; The audition – Old parade place, area 10, as soon as 7 hours and started the registration process for the auditions.

Consumers who have been registered for the audience, were well-thought out with the good of Malta Guinness, full of energy that are vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5 and B6 to make them great when they are in a series of physiological and mental challenging play. The fastest-growing players in all games were critical of the ultimate maltreaters of Abuja. They are Abolar columns, Abdullahi Azabo Ibrahim, Leo Obienyi, en Michael Uhiene. They will be the winners of Ibadan, Benin and Enugu auditions, and those who are out of # 39; the audience in Lagos, to come to the final for a place to earn Nigeria. The audience was a chance for family and friends to join Malta cold Malta Guinness, live performances of music artists and other fun at the venue.

Speak at the audience, Senior Brand Manager, Malta Guinness Premium Non-Alcohol Drinks, Ifeoma Agu said "After we go to major cities with the Maltavator Challenge Train on search for finalists to buy Nigeria in the 2nd half of the Malta's Marathavator Challenge TV show, we are very happy on the great table of Abuja boys, to Abuja.The four finalists are very promoted when they show a high optimism, agility and strangence in an obstacle that is said to be "character and personality" of Malta Guinness as a market that disappears the greatness and rancor of Nigeren We wish them well in the big final as they compete with the others from Ibadan, Benin, Enugu and Lagos for a chance to represent Nigeria in Pan-African TV show. "

The audience phase of the second season of the Maltavator Challenge is almost over. The auditorium of Malta's Maltavator Challenge will make its final stop for this season in Lagos on December 1, 2018 at the National Stadium, Surulere. If you have no chance of checking in previous editions, mark your calendar as the argument of Lagos is even more exciting!

The Maltavator Challenge is a Pan African TV show participants who have come from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote D 'Ivoire and Ethiopia to compete in spiritual and physical challenging courses for a chance of $ 20,000 and other great prizes to win. The show will be deleted on major TV stations in Nigeria and participating African countries.

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