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It is strange to be the king of the future: the inevitable complexity of Prince Charles Prince William


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It was in 1997 Prince Charles& # 39; reputation stuck in balance.

Princess Diana I just died and the eyes of the nation focused on the laser for my ex-husband and previous relatives. In most people's eyes the princess was not good for life and did not show up near the proper grief. In the aftermath of her death.

When they were married in 1981, Charles and Diana were the global ideas of fairy tales brought to life. Their marriage amounted to 750,000, and the 20-year-old bride whose face turned red was regarded as the most exciting king's development. Princess Margaret I put her tiara in the bathtub.

When they separated in 1992, people took sides.

When Prince Charles was revealed to be unfaithful to Diana, Prince Charles was at a level where even the miserable arrival of Diana could not be eased a little. – When he died in a car crash on August 31, 1997, Prince Wales I knew If you act wrongly, you may lose respect for people. And it should not be for the future king of England.

Fortunately, the right decision for Charles was finally a right decision.

The first place in the day, week, and month after Diana's death was his son's 15-year-old compound. Prince William 12 years old Prince Harry, And Charles was a very evolved father when his father had already seen through the prism of approach to child care.

"One of the hardest things parents can do is tell parents that their parents are dead," Harry said in a BBC documentary Diana: 7 daysAfter his mother's death, he recorded the aftermath. "I do not know how we can handle it that way, but you know, he was there for us."

William said he was grateful for "grieving privacy, gathering our thoughts, and keeping the space from everyone".

His father, who brought them to stay at his Gloucester estate, Highgrove, added, "Two were left, and I tried to protect and care for them at my best," Harry added. "But as you know, he was in the same grief."

Perhaps the relationship between Charles and Diana is not exactly the same as that of William and Harry, except for his intimate parents, who rubbed it in almost every way, but apparently the prince is in mourning and regrets all about himself.

Finally, Charles has a clear connection with his son, and the easy custody of Diana on behalf of Diana will be an excellent form of image recovery that has been renowned for violence. Thank you to the royal family. He has been working with the royal family for the first time since then. Until his marriage Camilla Parker Bowls It was ultimately popular in 2005. It was impossible to settle the shoulder as cold as the people who rooted Diana at last with love for his life.

However, Prince Charles's infinite irony, the king's observers liked to see the family as a cohesive unit, but the time spent with his family was deviated from the time spent in royal administration, and the time royal family moved away from the family, .


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William himself said in an interview with the BBC, "If you spend more time with him at home, you can be lovely and play with your grandchildren." Prince, Son & Heir: Charles, 70 years old. "When he is there, he is wonderful, but we need him as much as possible."

Charles, who celebrated his 70th birthday, is theoretically ideal for the Golden Age, retires from his daily life and wants to spend extra time with his family next spring. Includes four grandchildren. (In addition to Camilla's four grandchildren with her ex-husband Andrew Parker Bowles).

If only Charles knew he was going to make the promotion.

William can not hope that his father will slow down a bit and enjoy as much life as possible, but at the same time he is almost the only other person in the family. arrive that.

Prince Charles, William Prince George

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The father and the son are the only two who are alive now. They have the most unique bond of daily life with the knowledge of fate to sit on the British throne. (William's eldest son, 5 years old Prince GeorgePerhaps you have not figured out what's in the store yet. But he will eventually be filled.)

Charles and William continue to exist between rocks and hardships and do not want to be kings unless the queen still flourishes in all accounts and plans to abandon the throne at the age of 92. There is a bar to it, but both still have to think about it, Charles is more than William.

Therefore, in 2017 in front of his sister, who made 546 official appearances at home and abroad, Anne Princess(By six full engagements) and his son's bill.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William

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In an interview with the BBC, William spokesman BBC said in an interview with the BBC: "What should I do in order to be associated with the royal family in the next 20 years," said the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (NASDAQ: Focus on Loyalty) It can be 40 years or 60 years. I do not know when it will be. Sadly, I do not want to wait or wait because my family moved. I do not want it. "

William's most important business will make it possible for the medieval tradition, which has already been controversial one day, to survive in the 21st century. But when Prince Charles rules the rest of her life as planned, the death of the Golden Orb, which is the plan of Prince Charles to be on the throne – takes effect immediately.

And although Charles has earned a reputation for not being a sensitive class, he has yet to prove that he is capable of inspiring and unifying the nation.

William said in a new BBC special news conference, "It's 70 years old, so it's a perfect time to be a little closer now." "You are taking care of them and I am worried that there is no health problem." He is the lightest person I know, but likewise, I want him to fit until he is 95 years old. "

So William's way of life is intimately intertwined with his father's tenure, and Charles wants to enjoy his life, but millions of strangers are delighted and the two can only meet in the middle.

Despite William's acknowledgment of the role of the family in history, the 36-year-old prince is not always satisfied with his desire to keep his beloved close and to keep his life as normal.

I know for the first time how my family can tear immediately.

William, the first future king of England who was born in a hospital, arrived in the world in 1982 and arrived at a prominent fanfare and two devoted parents immediately. Charles and Diana brought Australia and New Zealand to a six-week tour to nine-month-old William.

Princess Charles, Princess Diana, Prince William, Prince Harry

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Both William and Harry, born in 1984, must go to Eton College. Queen Mother I wanted to send Charles. Prince Philip, He wanted to be his eldest son in his alma mater, Scottish Gordon.

Charles, who was not too far from the boys, almost believed that they made their work better or worse. They did not even have a private secretary until Harry's Nazi costume in Harry's 2005, and then the Prince of Wales realized that a map of the particularly bitter and young son would go a long way. But even then, he gave the boys an interview with the candidates.

Charles also did not noticeably interfere with William's dating life. At least as William met, he did not have to. Queen's worthy Kate Middleton St. I met with her mainly about the whole adult life from Andrew & # 39; s University to her 2011 marriage. It has been mentioned several times that Charles has been put on a public fixation (perhaps too much memory) of Kate who married his family, and once again felt at risk of becoming blurred, , He really liked that the public loved her. She was a strong employer for The Firm.

Before losing his mother, William suffered a loss due to divorce. He went to boarding school when his mother appeared and said that she and Charles had parted.

William Prince, Prince Charles

"I went to school and sent it to William, especially if you meet someone you love in life, you have to take care of it and if you find someone who luckily loves you, you have to protect it. Martin Bashir BBC panorama 1995

"William asked me what had happened and was able to answer his question I asked him why he said why marriage was ruined and why I said that there are three of us in our marriage. It was another factor that made it difficult for the two of us to be together but I still loved Dad, but I could not live under the same roof and lived like that. "

Diana asked how her 10-year-old son reacted. Diane said, "Well, he's a deep thinker, and we do not know how he came in for years, but I put it gently without grudging or some anger."

When speaking In the princess love"I had to hurry to talk to my children," Diana recalled, referring to his relationship with James Hewitt, published in 1994. "William made a box of chocolates & Mom, I think you were hurt, I'll make you smile again.

Armed with mother 's charm and sympathy, father' s brain, William attracted public attention and gained immense popularity among royal observers. He applauds his commitment to Crown.

Like his father, and quite different from his mother, William feels most at home in the country, especially in his Norfolk real estate. country lifeThere is nowhere to be compiled by Charles – he is "a more relaxed, lively and peaceful place than the English countryside". He also praises his father for his appreciation of nature and his dedication to the preservation of his own children.

William said, "My father has spent his entire life focusing on the environment.

William Prince, Prince Charles

British Press

At a young age, William seemed more comfortable with his skin than Charles. William was associated with his father's cooperative efforts to relinquish himself incidentally.

"If you want to understand William, your relationship with Middleton begins and ends," says the Prince's friend. Penny Junior& # 39; S Prince William: The King. "He is a man who likes himself, is happy, and is fashionable and straightforward."

Regarding Will's decision to live his life according to his other friend, the will of his will, "Imagine what life should have been like in a childhood life: divorce, mystery, shame. panorama She's dead. His father 's mistress went in and went in. It makes you tremble. "

Camilla, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William

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William was told that he was not interested in knowing Camilla when he was a child, and as far as he was concerned, she was the reason for her parents to break up.

Charles was honored and respected by his sons' wishes when his sons came home from school and was able to live in London at the time of the 'Highgrove' or & # 39; I did not have a York House.

But William struggled to get more welcome in 1998, and Camilla began to realize that his mother was not the poisonous viper he had painted. And the boys invited her to her 50th birthday party. That November, a sturdy olive branch that day.

To this day, the relationship between the Duchess of Camilla and the two brothers remains a hot button issue for the local tabloid newspaper. Harry and William no If there was something to say at Camilla's 70th birthday party last year, there was a problem. Last year, William was in a documentary Diana, my mom: her life and heritageHe did not automatically think of his stepmother as his grandmother.

"We now have more pictures around the house. [Diana] We are talking a little about her. "William said," it's difficult because Catherine did not know her. So she really can not provide that much detail. So I talk to George or Charlotte when I go to bed, talk about her, and remind them that their two grandmothers (with two grandmothers) are in their lives. So it is important to know who she is and where she exists. "

But because the alternative is an anarchy of the family, everything remains genuine.

William Prince, Duchess of Camilla in Cornwall, Prince Charles

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When Charles (18) was first admitted to the royal family in February 2001, the appearance of Charles and Camilla, considered essential in the process of warming the public to the existence of Camilla, was recalled to Juno. "To be fair to Camilla, she did not want to be a mother, but she was another girl, and she was there and spent her dad's time. It was not a happy family, but William looked happy. His father is happy. ""

William Prince, Prince Charles

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Interestingly, Bashir asked Diana if William, instead of Charles, wishes to succeed the Queen directly.

"It is my hope that my husband finds peace in his heart and follows other things from it," she once told of Camilla's vision of the queen dancing in her head.

Twenty-three years later, the question of whether the throne should go to William directly was questioned several times with varying degrees of seriousness. But nobody was going over the line and Charles did not dream of giving up his birthright.

"Anyone who is older knows that they are passing at a much faster rate than when they were young," Charles recently said. Vanity Fair In a rare interview. "But I have too much work to do in my case."

He was talking about climate change and other important issues. [him] Awake night ", but good time with grandchildren should be in a higher ranking on the list.

But when he sleeps on paper while working on his desk, Charles does his best at heart.

"The most obvious way to understand how much money the future king makes is," the future king wrote. Power life The editorial said, "Trying to think ahead of what our grandchildren want and need."

"Should we finally recognize the more timeless aspects of nature and the human environment that must be sustained for the benefit of the unborn generation?"

Who is better to take a walk in the country than the grandfather himself?

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