Sunday , October 24 2021

Hedi Slimane's first Celine man campaign is the best PowerPoint you see


The artistic, creative en Imager 's first menswear promo sets a new course for the French brand.

The Hedi Slimane-century in Celine set in October a high-rise in Paris back in October with a runway show that was two things: very un-Céline and Hedi Slimane. Everyone who has found this surprising find has not been able to get the memo about Slimane. He is a creative force that does not include the aesthetic thread of a former designer; Instead, he deserves the whole lot and offers a new look and feel. It's what he did in his four years in Saint Laurent, after he took over the creative governments of Stefano Pilati, the brand's brand name in # 39; Dior Homme does not exist before he was hired in 2000 and brought the noticeable black clothing to the human body mass. Before he joined Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche in an incubator for his ideas about how a modern human money (sharp cuts, heavy on black).

While the first menswear design of October 's Slimane's show of October, will arrive until the beginning of # 39; nineteen year is not the time to encourage potential clients to invest in them. And so does the house's artistic, creative and visual rule (here we are photographed, styled, directed, weary, maybe stored) a first man of # 39; a campaign for the French home that the season-less collection in the whole sharp. And although the laundry of clothing will be known to Slimane's hardships (even if the cuts are renewed before 2018), the presentation of this campaign is new. As a lookbook of galery of images releases, his training method is this time to put a video slide on the dance-y track of # 39; 80s by the French pop-duo RUTH. The effect is something between a slideshow and an animated PowerPoint presentation (that is, if your business office is fit for high fashion business). Photographs of models in & # 39; s sexual types of & # 39; The collection is partially interrupted or interrupted by slick black and white stripes of old tvs on lucite tables, terrazzo blocks, a keyboard and more objects that have nothing to do with the clothes, but they look like glossy or them. As if one super power has Hedi Slimane, it is the opportunity to make the seemingly familiar skin spectacularly finished.

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