Sunday , October 17 2021

Fans fail to write anti-LGBT abuse, study of Stonewall

More than half of Britons believe that it is important to be & # 39; to deceive the deaf language at sporting events, but just a fourth fourth feeling enough to do that.

That is the headlines of a new research by Stonewall, the English leading welfare for lesbians, homosexuals, biology and trans (LGBT) equality, in the fight against discrimination on live sports events.

Stonewall studies conclude that 58 percent of 1000 people believe in the study that it is important to launch anti-LGBT language, as one or a "homo" called in a destructive way, but Only 25 percent saw that they could feel interrupted or they heard such abuse.

Their findings come one day after Kick It Out reported a sixth annual increase of reports of discrimination in English football.

The study is accompanied by the campaign of 'Rainbow Laces' annual # 39; The winner, the former is more important because of a larger top club on sport.

Stonewall | Rainbow Laces – Sport any game

Stonewall | Rainbow Laces – Sport any game

Stars of the Premier League towards men to amateur sports are invited to donate the various colors to December 7th, or a way to look for LGBT people.

"Sport is one of our strongest means of social change, why is it so powerful to see that many more people want to support LGBT people and anti-LGBT abuse in sport," said Kirsty Clarke, director Sports of Stonewall.

"This year we want our Rainbow Laces campaign to give people confidence in giving them visible support for lesions, homosexuals, bi and trans people, or on the spot. Our study shows what a Great appetite is to bring people to disabilities at every level.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson runs in Rainbow Laces bracelet in 2016 (AFP/ Getty Images)

"In recent years, we have inspired inspiration from many sports clubs that are committed to making an inclusive and in-depth atmosphere. We want more players, fans, clubs and organizations to go and understand how they can partially change and stand for LGBT equality. Our work will not be completed until all lesbians, homosexuals, biologists and transfers, from fans to players, without exception being accepted. "

In the light of her findings, Stonewall says "now dangerous fans and athletes are active allies and action to support LGBT people in sport." Examples include abuse rain and messaging.

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