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Everton Player Rating – Jordan Pickford is a hero of time as Idrissa Gueye shows his class.


Jordan Pickford 9

The protagonist of time. In the first half, Marcos Alonso's efforts began to overtake him, but shortly after the restart he had to defend Alvaro Morata.

Simms Coleman 7

It started with the game against Eden Hazard, but in the first half of the year Chelsea's in-form Starman was able to cap the overall lap since the opening was anxiously regular after the break.

Lucasignon 7

With a threat to his set piece delivery, he kept busy in defense and made some significant block and block.

Read the game at Stamford Bridge.

Michael Keen 7

When he reached out to Seamus Coleman, he was stabilized after a careful start to see him kick a seemingly simple pass. It was absurd in the air as he played his role as a crucial backstop to spend the season.

Yurimina 7

Yerry Mina and Alvaro Morata react during the Premiership match between Chelsea FC and Everton FC on 11 November 2018 at Stamford Bridge.

He started his first test in the Premier League, but there were a lot of testing moments, but he almost missed his goalkeeper from his reservations and dangerous Belgian shootings. He was generally hurt.

Id lysagey 8

Many people have compared Senegal to the most familiar N 'Golo Kante in the Premier League, and although they did not belong to the same class, they said it was definitely a secondary imitation. I fought and harassed me for an impressive screening.

Andre Gomes 6

The Barcelona man who brought Everton 's midfielder a class hit an instant hit with his blues fans, but on this occasion he found a place to work. He uses his practical framework to make a bigger impact.

Gylfi Sigurdsson 7

With some checks and hard shots, Chelsea kept Chelsea in particular in the first half, but his threat was only dulled by the crude challenge of Chelsea's booked Jogging. Marco Silva tried to introduce Phil Jagielka as the third cent bag and was sacrificed for the last 15 minutes trying to bring it down sooner.

Theo Walcott 6

November 11, 2018 The Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge in London, England Theo Walcott
November 11, 2018 The Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge in London, England Theo Walcott

Last week Brighton was bright, so Everton hoped to leave home at Arsenal's Old World as he played quietly at Old Trafford.

Walcott worked hard, but again Coleman had one big opportunity with the help of Sigurdsson's cross-field pass with a tough opponent on their side in the form of Hazard. .

Bernard 5

Strange old game for him. He left Antonio Rudiger in the first half before the first half. Both men scored goals and then attempted to trade on their feet to make room for the acre Chelsea.

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Chelsea v Ever

Richarlison 7

I fought hard to see if I could play in the stadium, which was the bottom of my debut season in the Watford Premier League.

There was no such clear opportunity on this occasion, but we fought hard with minimal service and coped well to physical intimidation.

Ademola Lookman (Bernard 64) 7

In the final quarter of the match I saw a real live line down the left side and reluctantly made a breakthrough in dribbling.

Phil Jagielka (75 for Sigurdsson) 7

It was the first time since the start of the season that Wolverhampton entered the starting lineup with the third center back in the last 15 minutes of Everton.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin (88 for Richarlison) 6

Please run the channel late.

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