Thursday , June 1 2023

Ethiopia secures security service targets through military intervention


Kinfe Dagnew, the brigadier of Ethiopian troops, was arrested near the Sudanese and Eritrean borders. State-run broadcaster EBC said.

Addis Abbas (AFP) announced on the 26th that the Ethiopian military authorities arrested the archbishop of a large military company operated by the military and handcuffed them to the defense.

Kinfe Dagnew, former chief of METEC, Brigadier General of the Ethiopian Army, was arrested near the Sudanese and Eritrean borders. State-run broadcaster EBC said.

The national press broadcast shows Kinfe and army helicopters surrounded by soldiers' rings in handcuffs arriving from the capital on Wednesday.

The former Justice Minister was arrested on suspicion of prosecuting and convicted prisoners of other METEC officers.

Amnesty International said Wednesday that arrests were an important first step in securing full accountability for the abuses that have infiltrated the country for decades.

A Western envoy who asked not to reveal his name described repression as "a full-scale attack on the facility."

The arrest warrant was issued by Prime Minister Ably Aimed in April promising to crack down on security services and deal with what he called unjust economic management, corruption and infringement.

He pursued reforms that shook dozens of years of policy and class in the economic powers of East Africa. This includes the move by private investors to make a stake in a large conglomerate run by the military and other state institutions.

There was no immediate statement from the Attorney General regarding the arrest of Kinfe. The Office of the Prime Minister commissioned Reuters to the Attorney General.


Attorney General Berhanu Tsegaye said the investigation found corruption in METEC (Metal and Engineering Corporation), which makes military equipment and is involved in construction in agriculture. Reuters did not contact METEC to comment. The senior public relations officer was one of the arrested people.

The Justice Minister said 27 METEC officials were detained along with 27 release agents, 36 intelligence agents charged with inmate abuse, police and other military officials.

He also blamed a senior security service officer who ordered an attack on the prime minister in June.

Detained METEC staff and security officials appeared in court on Monday. The judge sent a further 14 days to dismiss the suspect bail and ask the police to investigate. No one was charged.

Opposition politician Berhanu Nega welcomed the development and said that the majority of Ethiopians were happy to be arrested.

"People believe that it is time for action to be taken to deal with the past justice problem, but he believes that in the future, this kind of crime would be unacceptable," he told Reuters.

A list of arrest warrants issued by the Attorney General's Office, designated 27 METEC current and former officers, including the munitions production manager and corporate logistics and supply officers.

One of the arrested people read the article "I was caught trying to get rid of evidence."

There were no immediate references from the defendants or their lawyers.

Abiy – the first leader of many Oromo ethnic groups – EPRDF selected EPRDF to lead the reformist pressure on the Allied forces after three years of street protests and strikes.

Some analysts point out that the father 's reforms were aimed at the old guard of the EPRDF, which has long been dominated by Tigris minorities. Others have suggested, however, that high-level support from the Tigrayan political party, a senior member of the TPLF, is needed.

An Ethiopian analyst said, "The conflict over this big fish will be done without consent or a way for the TPLF to negotiate."

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