Tuesday , June 6 2023

Detective Pikachu: Why the fans are angry about the new Pokemon movie | stratagem


yeno Hollywood adaptation in childhood has always met expectations. But the trailer for the show Pokémon: The film of the detective Pikachu went too far and caused controversy, shock, deep sadness among the old Pokemon fans like me. Did the directors of Rob Letterman (Shark Tale and Monsters Vs Aliens) really need to reduce these great characters to the state of a household pet?

Great Pikachu – best friend of Pokémon's protagonist Ash. The only Pokemon that starred in a special version of all episodes, movies and franchises. In the first movie, Pokemon bringing Ash from the tears to tears has been re-listed as a hamster. hamster! Of all rodents with an average life span of less than five years, few usually meet their fate by falling off the height. Really the worst pets.

Pokémon Another of the world's creatures, Jigglypuff, is known for its soft, pink flesh and sweetness. Fans are arguing about whether they should have fur. Like a teddy bear or a stressed cat passing through the wash. The filmmakers brought literally a happy Pocket Monster (Jigglypuff is happy enough in Igglybuff) and turned it into a cross between Pat Butcher and the tired Elvis Memorial.

The wonders of Pokémon are that our imagination is bigger than life, magic, and mysterious creatures can be rough. That is why no one has complained about the big screen version of the unsightly fellow Pokémon creature Bulbasaur still out in the trailer; The Charizard, the closest companion to dinosaurs and dragons on the trailer, is now much less resentful than any other creature on earth because of the rage. Perhaps all the reincarnations of our favorite childhood characters can fail because they never meet our imagination. But Pokémon usually avoids this fate. At first it was not too hard to be realistic.

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