Saturday , August 13 2022

Democratic Party of Congo Over 200 Ebola Deaths


Evora has killed 201 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo since the outbreak began in the east two months ago.

Health authorities said there were 291 confirmed cases of the virus, half of which were in Benny (about 800,000 people) in northern Chivu province.

More than 28,000 people in Central African countries have been vaccinated against Ebola.

Congo has been the tenth since the first cogeneration fires in the Congo in 1976 were first identified in Yamboku in the eastern region.

Oly Ilunga Kalenga, the health minister, said the number now exceeds its outbreak.

Dr. Kalenga said, "No other infectious disease worldwide is as complicated as we are currently experiencing.

"After arriving in the area, the response team is facing threats, physical violence, repeated equipment destruction, and kidnapping. Two of our colleagues in a rapid response medical facility lost their lives in an attack."

Earlier this month, the health authorities announced they would install health checkpoints at all the polling places in the affected areas of Congo. Millions of Congoans are expected to vote in the December presidential election.

The outbreak is concentrated in a region where countless militia fights against the abundant natural resources of Congo.

Population densities and population density that cross Uganda and Rwanda's borders raise additional risks that can be spread in these areas, as well as militia attacks that interfere with healthcare workers, with very deadly diseases.

The outbreak began shortly after the Congolese government declared the end of another outbreak in western West in June and praised the people to promptly curb the spread of the disease.

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