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California stars destroyed homes

Liam Hemsworth shared a heartwarming photo of a destroyed Malibu mansion shared with Miley Cyrus, becoming the latest celebrity to show that Kim Basinger fell to the ground by a California wildfire.

Hemsworth and Basinger are just two of the stars affected by the Woolsey fire. The Woolsey fire has killed 20,000 people in southern California and destroyed over 370 structures and torn more than 96,000 acres.

Gerard Butler, Robin Thicke, Neil Young and Camille Grammer Meyer, real housewives of Beverly Hills, are also among those who lost their homes.

Firefighters fight a Woolsey Fire while burning a house in Malibu, California. Photo / AP

Dozens of other stars have been evacuated, including Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (pop star Pink and Lady Gaga).

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And the risk has not yet diminished. Fire officials report that the Woolsey fireworks contain only 35% and that the fire has resurfaced in the Santa Monica Mountains as some havens have resumed.

The giant feathers suddenly rose midway near the Lake Sherwood community, preventing authorities from setting fire to the aircraft.

Forest casters warned of a continuing fire hazard in southern California due to the winds of San Antonio, the dry gusts of sweeping inward toward the coast and pushing out the moist sea breeze.

Hemsworth returned to the Malibu mansion on Monday local time and photographed what was left in his home in Instagram.

The paintings were scattered full of debris, and four still letters depicting & # 39; Love & # 39 ;.

The Malibu house of Miley Cyrus and Liam Helmsworth was destroyed. Photo / AP

Hemsworth said to the captain, "It's heartbreaking for a few days." This is what I left in my house. love.

"Many people in Malibu and California have lost their homes and my mind has changed for everyone affected by the fire."

Miley said on Sunday local time that her and Hemsworth's US $ 2.52 million Malibu mansion had been burnt down.

Celebrity Malibu homes were destroyed by California wildfires. Graphic / Daily Mail

"I was completely lost to the fire that affected my community, I am one of the lucky ones, my love for my animals and my life made it safe, and it's important right now," wrote Instagram.

"My home is no longer there, but I have a strong memory of sharing it with my family and friends, thank you for everything I have left, and give my firefighters and LA County Sheriff a lot of love and gratitude!"

The couple announced a donation of $ 500,000 to the Malibu Foundation through its own donation, the Happy Hippie Foundation, which helps restore the magic of Malibu today.

"Miley and Liam lost their homes, but thanks for keeping them safe with the animals. The community and the province are very special and I want to go back to the place where I created many beautiful memories for myself and others." A spokesman said.

Gerard Butler discovered the extent of the devastation by posting a video on Instagram. Photo / Instagram

"This fund will be used for people with financial needs, emergency relief assistance, community rebuilding, forest fires prevention and climate change resilience."

Gerard Butler photographed the devastation of the house and its neighbors.

Butler said he was looking at the area on the weekend and told viewers "it's like a war zone." "After a point all the houses have disappeared and can be different from the community in a day."

Butler posted a video on Instagram on local time on Monday and wrote that it was heartbreaking for everyone who lost their homes and lives in California.

"Many people have lost everything and will have to rebuild from scratch," he added. "I am right and thankful for all hope."

Butler also spoke to reporters outside his home and appeared emotionally talking about how the fire affected the community. 300 Star also thanked the first respondents and discussed the reconstruction plan.

Firefighters chase hot pools at homes devastated by Malibu wildfires. Photo / AP

Alec Baldwin's daughter, Ireland, also revealed that her mother, Kim Basinger, had lost Malibu.

The Irish twitter says, "Too many friends, friends and friends are losing everything they have in this fire." My mother and partner lost Malibu in #Woolseyfire. Thank goodness they are both safe. "

Ireland also talked about a drama about withdrawing the Malibu house and returning home on Monday.

The model complained that police guarding one of the major roads leading to Malibu denounced her and her friends for being pillaged.

In a series of posts, Ireland explained that he arrived in Malibu to rescue what he could do at home and help others escape.

Robin Thicke 's girlfriend, April Love Geary, revealed the degree of home devastation. Photo / Instagram

Despite the fact that her identity card and passport are registered at the address of the establishment and there is no evidence that she has an address in Ireland, Ireland says several police can go through some forms along the way.

But that was not the case when she faced one officer who told her to turn around.

"He did not say that he did not take us to Malibu because of the robbery, and he literally called us predators." Ireland wrote in the Instagram story.

"He told us to cooperate or was arrested."

Regarding her home, Ireland may not be standing yet, but her pet and her boyfriend are all harmed.

The Malibu house of Gabe Kapler of the Philadelphia Phillies was also on fire. It has just been reduced to steel stairs. Coupler spokesman said the two sons and ex-wife were evacuated and safe.

Smith showed his fears of a fire in his house. Photo / Instagram

"My family is good, there are a lot of families that are not," he told the activist. "Everything is interchangeable, it's just a thing, it's a home, and for many people that home is their refuge and safe haven.

"But we can replace everything we lost, our family will be okay, love and support are incredible."

Tracey Bregman, a soap actress, also lost Malibu's house in a huge flame.

The young and restless star posted a final photo of his return home on Tuesday at Instagram on the weekend.

"We are all safe, I do not say anything, I am numb to all of us," she wrote in the caption.

Robin Thicke's girlfriend, April Love Geary, posted a heartbroken picture of the destroyed Malibu mansion.

The fire retardant fell on the burning hills of Malibu. Photo / AP

The 23-year-old model shared a photo she left behind in the Instagram Story and wrote: "This is a photo I received at home. I can replace the physical object, but it is not a memory I shared in this house."

Camille Grammer Meyer murdered a $ 3.282m Paradise View estate mansion on weekends to rescue some of her most precious possessions, including her dog Joey, a few weeks before her destruction at Woolsey Fire .

The 50-year-old newlywed couple said to the people, "I went to the safe. I took jewels, documents, birth certificates, passports and so on.

"A bigger artwork that we could not take, but a great aunt who grabbed Andrew Wyeth's picture and died a few years ago, took some meaningful pictures of me.I took a picture of the family.We can do as much as we can I packed it. "

Sophia Hutchins and Caitlyn Jenner came back home to the unblemished Malibu. Photo / Instagram

Strange coach Scott Derrickson was also burned and burned over the weekend.

"We lost our home, but we are all safe and important," he wrote on his Twitter page, including a photo of the house that lit the house.

"I am not trying to be optimistic about literally losing everything, I am not materialistic in nature," he added in a separate tweet.

"It is harder for our kids to lose bigger memories, but this loss and sweeping change will be a driving force for growth for all of us," he said.

In Agoura Hills, Woolsey Fire destroyed Paramount Ranch, HBO's Westworld, and many other Western movies and programs. HBO said there was no casting or crew when the Paramount Ranch was lit.

Caitlyn Jenner's Malibu mansion just missed the fire narrowly.

When Woolsey Fire came too close, Jenner and her partner Sophia Hutchins came home two days after evacuating Malibu home.

Jenner (69) and Hutchins (22) came home with Baxter and Bertha with a new video on Instagram, showing that it is safe and sound.

The hill behind the house became "burning" while Malibu's house was undamaged.

Rainn Wilson, now abroad, said his animals were rescued and his house "barely protected", Woosley said he missed only "12 yards".

Guillermo del Toro found the lovely Bleak House, which houses over 700 fantasy and horror souvenirs.

The Kardashian clan, Simon Cowell, Will Smith and Martin Sheen were also among those who had to withdraw into the Woolsey Rips through the Star-studded Malibu, the Hidden Hills and the Calabasas area.

Lady Gaga supported the refugees of the violent Woolsey fire at the Red Cross shelter at Pacific Palisades High School in Los Angeles on Sunday local time. She later confirmed that her home was not hurt by the fire.

Kardashian and Kanye West's $ 60 million Hidden Hills mansion also avoided the fire after paying the cost of a personal firefighter.

The couple hired a private team to fight against the flames that settled close to home. They are now helping to save their neighbors by funding private teams.

Kim and Kanye reside at the end of a dead end of the alley facing the field.

When their hometown popped, a domino effect would have begun to flatten dozens of surrounding houses around.

A pair of personal fire teams made several ditches to create fire suppression and prevent fire.

Neighbors said they appreciated the couple for financing their personal teams and for saving their home with a firefighter.

Meanwhile, several symbolic Hollywood sites have been reported to have been damaged by fire.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the set for M * A * S * H, Peter Strauss, Reagan and Paramount Ranch all affected.

"Historian Cari Beauchamp told the magazine," This is a tremendous loss we have yet to cover.

The Peter Strauss ranch was popular with Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson's favorite 50's concert. While the 3000-acre Paramount Ranch at Westworld was damaged, it was not clearly burned by the Woolsey spark.

Reagan ranch was also affected, but there are no more presidential belongings.

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