Friday , January 27 2023

Caf, Sierra Leone Afcon The move to cancel the qualifiers did not take Harambee Stars.


Kenya is now in seventh place, fourth in Ghana and sixth in Ethiopia.

The African Football Federation (Caf) convened a highly anticipated Kenyan v Sierra Leone Afcon qualifier.

The two teams had a clash in their return to Group F on Nov. 18, but Caf canceled the match because Sierra Leone was still hanging on the cap.

FKF Chief Management goal They received an email confirming the same thing in Caf. "Caf has canceled the match between Kenya and Sierra Leone on November 18. FIFA is forbidden."

Fifa took action to suspend Sierra Leone on October 5, 2018, with government intervention. Sports minister Sierra Leone suspended Isha Johansen, chairman of SLFA, on charges of corruption, which allowed FIFA to take action.

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The West African nation received an ultimatum to ensure that the situation went back to normal and that the national team continued to the Afcon final. But everyone fell into deafness.

As a result, Sierra Leone missed their F-home and away game against Ghana. The next weekend's game against Kenya will not make Sierra Leone's campaign a serious issue by making the 2019 Afcon final.

Kenya ranked fourth with 7 points, Ghana second, and sixth with Ethiopia.

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