Wednesday , June 7 2023

Attacks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Following the deadly attack on Friday in the town of Veni in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ebola continues to respond.

While WHO, the Ministry of Health and its employees are both safe and responsible, 16 WHO employees have evacuated for psychological treatment after an uninhabited shell exploded.

Ebola countermeasures are still in progress, but are limited in Benny on Saturday.

Although the vaccination was discontinued and the operations center closed, the team still went to the community to track down some alerts about potential cases and contact them to confirm they were still healthy.
Ill people in the treatment center.

Partner-operated treatment centers continue to operate.

The response was not affected in the area outside Benny. All activities, including immunization, resumed on Sunday.

WHO Executive Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said WHO will continue to work with ministries and partners to end the Ebola outbreak. "We are
Who blamed the ongoing threats to the safety of those who are still fighting the outbreak and who have died. "

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