Sunday , May 29 2022

"Women wear men in the streets and God"


Sama al-Masri, a controversial female, commented on the provision of the government of # 39; Women's Viagra: "Viagra is a female hamburger who is the government in the market: a black day, men can have their weight for what they can to Viagra?"

"The Egyptian" by taking into account social networking Instagram: "The health of women is very soft, not a technical Vijra .. So the people of Henfiger Yajdaaa .. Femels Htcchi op & # 39; the street bites in the ground after the Viagra .. You know Harem Egypt and no "On the day of Fite on Day of Malfiera has fallen the market … The women will be the man & # 39; the streets, and God, Allah will be sufficient for his men Egypt.

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