Sunday , April 18 2021

Watch the Zamalek match and MC Algeria live

Watching the Zamalek match and Mouloudia Algeria at the bottom of the latter is an opportunity for our participants to attend a heavyweight match, especially since the second qualifying card for Group D can be decided today.

Special coverage of the match between Zamalek and MC Algeria

  • (61) Moroccan Bencharki responds with a shot in the hands of the goalkeeper.
  • (60) Belkheir squanders an unbelievable opportunity to close the gap.
  • (56) A direct free kick from a dangerous area carried out by crowds and passes peacefully on the goal of Zamalek goalkeeper Jensh.
  • (53) Bilal Bin Saada tests his luck with a shot from outside the penalty area above the goal.
  • (51) Mahmoud Alaa neutralizes twice the gravity of the Mouloudia attacks.
  • (49) The request for a penalty kick by Mouloudia de Algiers did not go unnoticed.
  • (47) Moroccan Hamid Ahdad fails to add the third goal to Zamalek.
  • Beginning of the second half.
  • The first half ended with Zamalek advancing with a double without an answer.
  • (38) Obama squandered the opportunity for the third goal in favor of Zamalek.

Goal (33): Shikabala reinforces Zamalek’s progress with a strong shot.

  • (20) Crowd dribbled past Zamalek’s defense, but his header was tipped over the bar by the visitors’ keeper.
  • (14) Mohamed Jensh shines and deprives Mouloudia of a draw.

Goal (7): Youssef Obama gives Zamalek the lead in a great tactical sense.

  • (6) Harrag almost opened the scoring, but Zamalek goalkeeper is in the right place.
  • Zamalek comes on in the first five minutes with offensive intentions, but Mouloudia does not want to leave room for surprise.
  • Kick off.

Presenting the Zamalek and Mouloudia match

The Zamalek match and Mouloudia Algeria have established themselves as one of the most important live broadcast matches covered by beIN SPORTS channels due to the legacy of Zamalek, which is very popular in the Arab world, a case like Mouloudia, where we will cover the most advanced match clips with video and numbers on our website.

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Zamalek needs to play with great focus and calm, especially since such types of matches can be decided by some small details, because only winning will help him to keep his hope in the competition.

Look directly at the Zamalek match and Mouloudia Algeria, will be available exclusively at beIN SPORTS with the latest preparations for the two teams, especially since Zamalek is in high spirits after the return of his coach Carteron.

The match Zamalek and Mouloudia is preceded by the live broadcast of an analytical studio, in which SPORTS guests discuss the situation of the two teams before the match and their way of playing, in addition to publishing several exclusive reports and special statistics for the colleagues assigned to cover the match.

Live broadcast For the match of Mouloudia Algeria and Zamalek, Saturday 3 April, starting at 22:00 Mecca Al-Mukarramah local time.

The match MCA and Zamalek will be transferred Exclusive Op beIN SPORTS 4,

The Zamalek contest is being broadcast today on television as well as on the internet, as our subscribers enjoy high quality live broadcasts and technology via beIN CONNECT with many benefits for viewing.

And to stay close to the match between Zamalek and Mouloudia of Algeria, wherever you are, you can watch it on various mobile devices and personal computers.

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