Saturday , February 4 2023

Today, Nasser Social Bank has applied for 200 jobs.


On Sunday, Ghada Wali, Social Solidarity and Bank Chairman of the Bank, Nasser Social Bank will begin receiving requests for 200 jobs.

Applicants must be a university or academy graduate approved by the Egyptian and International Council of Universities if they have a bachelor's degree and will be awarded at least 2020, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 . "He said.

The applicant must have completed or completed military service to the male, and the applicant must have performed public service or waiver of the woman. Applicants must live in the government in accordance with their national identity card, and must be declared in English and valid before the date of admission. , A copy of a military service or final restoration performance certificate, a copy of a public service performance or immunity certificate, and a public service of a bank deposit, a copy of a valid identification card prior to the declaration.

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