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Three days of Mohammed Sala's statues and universal dream .. Photos – Egypt Now


Eco country When the dream meets reality, the happiness of the world, a dream that has been waiting for a long time from the very beginning of the fingernail, pours all his power to grab his pen and discover his talents. It is not enough to decide that it will become reality after a long journey to the beginning of.
Hani Gamal, a 32-year-old from Minya Governorate, has found talent and passion for painting since elementary school and joined the faculty of art to complete his expertise by dreaming of a brilliant idea in the art and sculpture world.
Since joining the Faculty of Art, Hani has started to study sculpture. From 2008 until his graduation and deciding to work in the sculpture field, he demonstrated his talents day by day, opening small workshop sculptures and paintings with a unique sense.
With his talent, Hani's sculpture carved for 15 years is a source of his talent, so not only can engrave the unknown personality and painting and engage him in the framework of his work, He was able to catch his eye. After announcing the Excellence Prize for football star player Mohammed Sala
"I think that the sculpture of Sala sculpted in three days is a hard and exhausting process, but it is supposed to be completed in three days," he said. "I gave him a famous character." Mohammed Sala is a symbol and role model for all Egyptian youths. ".
However, Hany hopes to become a world-renowned sculptor like other names that have entered history, in addition to his aspirations to develop an artistic Renaissance in Egypt.
He has spent a lot of day, emphasizing his passion for sculptures that have been dreams of his life. "I love sculpture and I can not help accepting living conditions," he said.

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