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Thinks your child has a spiritual disorder


Dangers in mental health without influence are only adolescents. Children and adolescents also learn from her.

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Research indicates that biennial threats, with one in eight children, lead to spiritual illness, according to the British health service.

According to the latest official statistics, one out of every eight children between the ages of 5 and 19 lives with a mental health problem.

It is not always easy to diagnose injury if they have different symptoms with mental illness, but there are keywords that the child may have may have a mental health start:

1. Bad Encouragement Style:

A child with mental problems begins to fall.

Emily Chery, president of British welfare "Barnados", said that a child with a mental illness might be able to isolate friends and family and isolate themselves.

"These children will be strange and unwilling to go into family holidays such as birthdays, they will always show, and nothing can improve their mood," she said.

2. Bleach of weeping:

Other keywords to search are: evil evil and emotions, the more intense than that of a child when he performs their parents.

"This kind of anger or weeping will prevent them from doing the normal daily tasks," said Sherry.

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3 – lack of interest in 'tasty things that the child is in love with:

When a child is represented in activities that he or she uses, it may be a sign of a psychological health condition. For example, if your child has a hobby and so stop doing it and do not want to replace it with another activity, Enjoy.

4 – reduced the time:

If your child can not succeed or worse than usual or horrible, this can be evidence that something is wrong, and that can be a sign of a spiritual sense of a child.

5 – Eat less food or bnhm:

A horrendous change in your baby's ocean can see an ugly problem.

Some may have physical symptoms, such as their own and mental.

6- Sleep problem:

Other important symptoms to see if your child has sleep problems. "Children with depression or objections will get very serious difficulties," said Sherry.

The signs may also be that they do not want to sleep or sleep as usual.

Focusing on focus:

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As teachers learn from your school that it is difficult to concentrate in class, it can also be a dangerous sign.

There they lose the opportunity to get their reason, or perhaps worry about certain results that need not be light enough.

8. Low self-esteem:

If your child feels guilty or falls in value, it may be a sign of losing confidence, which may be due to mental illness.

9 – The existence of suicide ideas:

If things are very bad, you may notice that the child starts to shave or say his skin. "If the child gets the point of criticism, he can destroy himself and even have suicidal thoughts," said Sherry.

You can not see the clarity of this action directly, but you can decide that your child is trying to hide an area in his body, which can be a sign of self-esteem.

If a child is diagnosed with these signs of psychological health, he or she needs to have direct assistance through providing mental health and offering the necessary treatment to remove the problem from a stranger.

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