Friday , January 27 2023

The Supply Secretary confirms 25% rectification of the wrong card data.


"There is a supply center with 25 percent of the distribution charts with erroneous data and a 100 percent modification rate," said Ali Meselhi. "The data on the distribution cards and the inability to control them were inaccurate. To the data ".

In his conversations with the "capital" program broadcast on "CBC", "Muselhi" has a wrong data distribution card, allowing him to support qualified people.

He emphasized the need to raise the support of a capable person and to direct the poorest people and middle groups: Mnafsh's remains include Arab Hammers or Mercedes, and remain a Biakhd supplier Zeh Zai general citizen.

He said the card with false data would be discontinued as the president pointed out that the database had been compiled according to the national number as soon as he directed us to switch to the digital society.

He pointed out that the support concept is very good, but it has greatly expanded since the support in the early 50s is not a minority because the support is relatively small.

He emphasized that "support" is one means of achieving social justice, and that the United States supports those who suffer from unemployment and those below the poverty line.

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