Thursday , June 1 2023

The price of the dollar today is at the public and private banks Monday 12/11/2011


According to statistics released by the Central Bank of Egypt, the dollar traded at 17.85 pounds (17.97 pounds) on Monday evening and night trading.

The exchange rate of the US currency remained stable at 17.78 pounds for purchase, 17.88 pounds for sale, 17.86 pounds for purchases at Suez Canal Bank and 17.96 pounds for sale.

The dollar also sold at 17.79 pounds at Banque Misr, sold 17.89 pounds, the dollar of the Arab African Bank bought at 17.85 pounds, and sold 17.95 pounds.

Alexandria, Cairo, Credit Agricole and international banks closed the deal at £ 17.86 (£ 17.86) and £ 17.96 (£ 17.96).

According to Albaka Bank, the price of the US currency was 17.96 pounds for purchase, 17.96 pounds for sale, 17.89 pounds for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and 17.99 pounds for sale.

The highest price per dollar was lowest at 17.89 pounds for the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank and 17.88 pounds for the National Bank of Egypt.

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