Sunday , March 26 2023

The opening of the new headquarters of the sub-syndicate of pharmacists in Kafr el-Sheik .. tomorrow


Dr Mohieddin Obaid, chairman of the Pharmacists Union of Egypt and chairman of the Arab Pharmacists Union, launched a new drug syndicate headquarters in Kafr El-Sheikh , The hotel is 1200 meters high on one of the famous towers west of the prime minister.

Obaid says that the current union council is fulfilling its promise to find a new headquarters instead of a headquarters on the first floor of 120m. Following the medical syndicate of the Awqaf building, the new headquarters provides a number of pharmaceutical services and is at the highest level.

He added that the headquarters includes subscription and service locations, a classroom for 250 pharmacists, an office for all members of the branch, a nursery and playground, a chemist's restaurant, a gym with a gym, a healthy system and surveillance cameras.

Obaid thanked the pharmacists of Egypt and the pharmacists of Kafr El-Sheikh to all the pharmacists who participated in any way or any other way to complete this great project for them.

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