Thursday , June 1 2023

The Innovation Bank is interested in the Egyptian industry.


Fariz Barakat, Parliamentary Education and Scientific Research Council member, said that the Egyptian Innovation Bank emphasized the importance of industrial entrepreneurs and companies interested in promoting business innovation and the transition to industrial products. This platform is a platform for exchanges between ideas and industry owners. Nobody travels to Cairo to attend the ministry headquarters, to present ideas on or search for ideas on the platform, and to evaluate innovations before allowing banks to publish them. Provide a professional group in all fields Must have the legal capacity to preserve the intellectual property of each author of an idea or innovation.

Barkat assists private sector and business to reach out to innovators and helps them achieve their best financial and financial results through a number of enforcement actions that help governments support innovation and innovation and carry out research projects.

Members of the Parliamentary Education Board pointed out that the development and development of the country is always necessary for the support of current inventors and innovators, who are characterized by the power of scientific research and innovation, especially the enormous research and technology jumping, to catch up with the great development of the world .

The latest news on Parliament education: The Innovation Bank is interested in the Egyptian industry.) It was moved from Egypt (the Egyptian nation) to the search engine Egypt 24, and although it does not express the site's views and liberation policies, He is the Egyptian.

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