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The government: the current map for the distribution of “Corona” faxes according to evil

11:10 p.m.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Books – Osama Ali:

The Media Center of the Council of Ministers confirmed that what was circulating through some social media websites and pages, for a map of the distribution of various types of vaccines against Corona virus according to the social strata of citizens, is unfounded.

The Council of Ministers’ Media Center said in a statement on Friday that it had denied the news in contact with the Ministry of Health and Population, confirming that the circulating map regarding the distribution of coronavirus vaccines of various types according to the social segments of citizens is true, and declared that this card is fake, and the ministry has no relationship. Definitely.

The ministry stressed the state’s striving to deliver the vaccine to all citizens without discrimination, and that the distribution of the vaccine does not take place on any class or social basis. Rather, priority will be given to the groups most vulnerable to infection with the virus, such as medical staff, chronic disease sufferers and the elderly, while carrying the “Long Live” fund. Egypt “The cost of the vaccine for the incapacitated and eligible high-priority groups to achieve social justice.

In a related context, a website has been launched to record the requests of those who want to receive the fax, provided that the applicants in the first phase receive a text message informing them of the dates and places to go for the fax. and the site will be linked to the centers that provide the vaccine in different governments, and there are several tracks, including: A designated area to train groups Targeted vaccination as a priority, an administrative area for the assessing and recording data on the system for registering faxes, an informed room where people are informed of all conditions, a room for vaccination, and a place intended for storing the fax.

The Prime Minister’s Media Center called on all media and users of social media sites to investigate accuracy and objectivity in publishing news and to communicate with the relevant authorities in the ministry to ensure that before information is published. it is not based on facts and that causes concern among citizens, and in case of questions or Complaints in this regard, please refer to the official website of the Ministry (


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