Wednesday , January 26 2022

The Egyptian Football Federation replied in a UAE federation statement, "I was angry because of the cancellation of the friendly meeting."


The Egyptian Football Federation (UEFA) has responded by announcing the Angry Football Federation's (UAE) Football Confederation's cancellation of its friendly meeting scheduled for November 20th.

The UAE federation was surprised by the media reports of the cancellation or postponement of the match before officially addressing some officials of the Egyptian national team, and decided not to discuss the announcement.

The UAE League will cease trading with the Prisionation and announce its official statement after the friendly cancellation of the UAE.

The Egyptian League explained that the reasons for postponing the match between Egypt and the UAE are purely technical and not for other purposes. The Egyptian national team is facing technical difficulties and many experts have returned to the club led by Mohammed Salah before the age of 21 this year. I do not know the due date on the 20th of this month.

"In addition to the injuries sustained by the Al Ahedri Club, the Zayed Cup for Arab Champions, the important meeting with Al Wasl for the 22nd time this year, and the injured players are now the team's strengths "

The selection criteria for the team are no match for the current Olympic team of Egypt and the meeting with the Prime Minister of Algeria on the 19th.

This is not a complete record of not taking risks in the game, given the sharpness of the new technical staff of the national team trying to integrate the position of the technical team.

The Egyptian Football Federation said the UAE Football Federation gave the greatest respect and appreciation to the Egyptian national team. The UAE national football team has an excellent position among all stakeholders. We bring together the peoples of the two countries and set firm rules for the leaders of the two brothers.

This is why the Egyptian team is not perfect and has not been recognized by UAE soccer fans for their first two teams. The Egyptian Federation is confident that upon request, the UAE Alliance will recognize the technical terms we have always used.

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