Thursday , June 1 2023

The controversy over air between Shirin's lawyers and producers is "£ 5 million"


After Starcord sued Merchant Sherry Abdel Wahab for not completing the terms of the contract, a dispute ensued between Hossam Lotfi, Sherry Abdel Wahab and Melod Malak, a lawyer for Stars Records.

Hossam Lotfy, a lawyer for Shirin Abdel Wahab, signed a contract to produce three albums between Shirin and Stars Records, adding that Shirin demanded that the contract be nullified as a result of the country's progress.

He added that Shirin Bard presented the film to the filming syndicate by giving the money he received. This is estimated at £ 4 million to £ 750,000.

Artist Sherin Abdel Wahab's lawyer added that the funds the company owned did not refund the channel and demand a refund to the company, and that it has a good connection with why the company sent the channel that the company and the star contracted.

Hossam Lotfy opened a "negotiation table" through negotiations with the company and started the actual negotiations.

In the same vein, Milads Malak, a lawyer for Stars Records Company, said Sherin Abdel Wahab had received £ 4 million and £ 750,000 to implement the new album, but Cherine did not comply with the terms of the contract to hand over the three albums.

The lawyer confirmed that Shirin had no rights or money to the company, proposed a letter to hand over the letter from the company, and then submitted a letter asking Shirin to dismiss the contract with the company.

Malik pointed out that Sheryl Abdel Wahab has nothing to do with the channel group that the Nile Company and the Records of Stars have signed, and pointed out that the court's invitation to the singer has been raised.

He confirmed with the stars of the record that he would sit at "Trabeeza" to solve the crisis of writer Sherine Abdel Wahab.

Edward insisted that "Sherin" should reduce the amount the company produces.

Edward co-hosted Cairo today to find a solution through a meeting with Baid lawyer Shirin Abdul Wahab and Records, and promised Edward to sit at a table next week.

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