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The car "model 3" has caused the division of the company … Masrawy

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


The company is more than two months at the edge of # The attack, attempting to restructure the production of car model 3, said Elon Mask, chief board of American American car manufacturer Tesla.

"The company kept money in a miserable way, and if we did not solve these problems in a very short period of time, we would die," Masak was seen by the news agency Bloomberg.

Asked if Tesla was close together, the deterrent of the company was "I'm in less than 10 weeks."

The Bloomberg news agency said that the recent comments were made by Masque, while most questions asked this year when Tesla was needed to raise its capital, there were rare expectations of her campaign.

The companies of & quot; the threat of & quot; The companies and the heavy expenditure were stopped in the third quarter of this year when positive results were stated that MASC's goal was to make the electric car industry financially realistically realized.

At the same time, Mask confirms legal issues that he has been accused of misleading investors or tweets on Twitter's social networking site has published the possibility that the shares of # 39; the companies are included and converted into a private company. Although the parties of the company arrived at that time, they were later increased as earnings forecasts were improved.

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