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Terrorist country map in the Arab States

The Arabic news channel Sky News has been the only one to report on the Qatari terrorist support in Arab countries.

Starting with hosting the outlook of one of the terrorist organizations Yusuf al-Qaradawi, known as the "Mufti of" Hate ", according to US media, Doha expanded its support for terrorism to various Arab countries .

According to the report, the security authorities in Yemen found Qatari weapons in a prison for the organization of one of the terrorist brothers, in Aden.

In Libya, scandals continue to support Doha with arms and money, thereby supporting Qatari troops on Libyan territory to support the Tripoli militias in expanding their control in Mtteqa and Misrata.

According to a report by the UN on refugee organization, Qatar has since Qadhafi focused on supporting Tripoli militias, strengthening & # 39; a state of transnational terrorism.

In Syria, Doha hosts al-Qaeda-based groups and affiliates, primarily in the Nasra front, and has played the role of mediator in the release of dozens of prisoners on the Nasra front on various occasions.

As the largest example, Doha paid a terrorist ransom to release the Maaloula nuns in March 2014.

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