Wednesday , March 29 2023

Target both ends of the evasion and set 3 firearms


The security services of the Assiut Security Directorate launched a safety campaign on both sides of Bahasa, in Bán Fayz village, Sadafán. And it resulted in the seizure of two men who had 3 firearms and ammunition.

Information and investigation of the Assiut Security Directorate confirmed that two parties purchased weapons and ammunition for the quarrel. The security services of the Assiut Security Directorate, together with the public security and central security sectors, launched a major security campaign targeted The two family members are in the Bana Fayez village in Sedfa police.

The campaign's efforts have resulted in Mahmoud M.'s arrest. C – at the age of 54. The "7.62 × 51 rifle, 45 circles of the same caliber", and Osman m. A 53-year-old farmer who "shot a 303 shotguns and 22 shots with the same caliber" – a single bullet.

They are facing the seizures. The necessary legal steps have been taken.

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