Friday , January 27 2023

Smart Tricks to Overcome Insomnia and Sleep


Follow the following tricks to overcome insomnia and sleep easily.

Use perfume:

Before taking a sleep, you can just asleep by using perfume or inhaling it, and you can relax quickly as you smell jasmine or lavender. Jasmine or lavender is effective in treating chronic insomnia with frequent sniffing every day before bedtime.

Breathing training:

Stop breathing for 15 seconds after exercising before deep breathing and ask for sleep. This will help you relax and sleep.


If you do not close your eyes before you go to sleep, you can use a black eye bar that wakes you up, feels tired, can not sleep, sleeps, and helps you sleep.

Close your eyes.

Close your eyes and roll your glasses three times to mimic what happens during sleep. This process helps to secrete sleeping hormones.

Do not take a stimulant before going to bed.

Avoid caffeine-like stimulants for about 6 hours before going to bed and use hot natural herbs to calm and relax your mind, such as chamomile, lemon, hot milk, mint, ginger and others.

Exercise :

Spend a day's work in some exercise at home because exercise can help you sort out your bedtime. At first you may be annoyed at first because you are tired, but the positive effect appears in a short time.

Imagine standing on your feet.

All you have to do is climb up into your bed and imagine that you're standing on your feet, so you can forget your insomnia and the trouble of causing a quick sleep. You will find that it does not.

Keep noise as far away as possible:

If you reduce the tension, such as the annoying sound that increases tension, or other sounds that reduce comfort, you can not sleep. If you can not get away from it, you can sleep with a comfortable earphone.

Listen to a quiet voice.

You can easily fall asleep by resting and relaxing by listening to the sounds of the ocean, wind, and birds from the Internet.

Room color change:

The color of the room has a major effect on the individual's nervous condition, and the walls and bed sheets of the room's blue color are deep sleeping for their ability to relax their muscles before sleeping.

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