Saturday , October 1 2022

«Shawki» agrees to begin operating local intergovernmental schools.


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Tarek Shawki, Minister of Education and Technology Education, has approved the establishment of an international public school on Sunday, 2018/2019, in partnership with the Egyptian Schools International Foundation, Cairo, Qalioubia, Alexandria, Gharbia, Dakahlia and Port Said. In cooperation with the Egyptian International School Foundation, 18/11/2018

This complements the efforts of the Education and Skills Department to provide exceptional educational services for immigrants with quality levels that meet international standards and improve the ability of these people to compete locally and globally. Dealing with advanced international systems.

Reza Hijazi, director of public education at the Ministry of Education, stressed that the study will begin on the first stage of the international public school, kindergarten, and the second stage on Sunday, 18/11/2018.

Hegazy also noted that Tariq Shawqi's approval of the establishment of these schools indicated that parents' demand for this type of education is increasing, and the enthusiastic efforts to provide a high level of excellence in education services have resulted in schools (International) and private international schools.

He praised the Foundation's efforts to improve the quality of education and equip them to provide excellent educational services to their students.

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