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Seventh Day Emergency – Damage to excessive intake of apples, weight gain


Apples contain nutrients of vitamins and minerals that provide many health benefits to the body, but they are harmful to health due to excessive intake, such as weakened bones and weight gain, and have other impairments that we can perceive in the next row site " Style class"He said.

Blood sugar rise

Apple is rich in carbohydrates, fiber, and other nutrients, so over-consumption prevents your body from burning fat and increases your blood sugar levels to increase your weight.

Damage due to excessive apple consumption

Weight gain

Apple has calories and sugar, so you can get 3,500 calories a week if you eat five middle apples one day. Therefore, apples are not useful for people who eat low carb foods.

heart disease

Unlike glucose, which is absorbed by all cells in the human body, fructose is used only in the liver, and when it is over the apple, triglycerides are produced in the liver, leading to heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

Apple damage

Side effects of apple seeds

Apple seeds are poisonous because they contain cyanide. Therefore, eating apple seeds regularly can cause cyanide to be released from the stomach during digestion, threatening life. Eating 1 cup of apple seeds causes death.

Sensitive response

Excessive consumption of apples can cause allergies to some people and can cause rashes, itching, etc. In this case, you should consult your doctor before you eat an apple to get allergies.

Apple damage 2

Headache and diarrhea

Apple juice is a healthful drink, but overuse can cause side effects that can cause diarrhea, headache, dizziness, and stress, and artificial apple juice can be artificially incorporated into a chemical called sorbitol to cause stone formation. Calcium oxalate in the body.

Weak enamel

Apple cider vinegar is a natural supplement and contains many health benefits, but excess causes some side effects such as weak enamel teeth.

Weak bone

Excessive apple cider vinegar can cause osteoporosis by lowering potassium levels in the blood and lowering bone density.

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