Wednesday , April 21 2021

Scary sounds and live images of Mars .. What’s the truth about the NASA probe video?

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Social media activists circulated a video clip titled Live Scenes first broadcast from the red planet “Mars”, and the clip shows sounds heard from the surface of the planet emitted by the probe “Perseverance” from NASA.

Upon closer inspection and investigation, however, it was found that the sound was composed on the images at the time of recording, because the sound in the clip appears to produce a similar sound and circulated on more than one previous video published by NASA in the past months.

Rolling video

In 2018, the super-sensitive sensors on board the NASA Insight probe could record “Mars sounds” for the first time in its kind in the history of the Red Planet invasion.

According to Sky News, NASA has released an “audio clip” of wind sounds on Mars, which was recorded by the air pressure sensor, which was developed in Britain, and the Insight probe detected a low “noise” or “string” caused by vibrations caused by the sky on Mars.

And the NASA “Perseverance Rover” was able to successfully land on the surface of Mars safely after passing the most dangerous of the seven minutes of terror.

NASA’s Preserver Rover has been in development for about 10 years, and hundreds of people have worked at NASA to date to develop the agency’s most advanced robotic researcher.

NASA was able to receive the first image from the surface of Mars, just minutes after landing, and it takes 11 minutes to send the data to the Earth’s surface.

Personnel entered the control room at NASA’s headquarters in California after it was confirmed that it had landed and was completely happy.

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