Wednesday , December 8 2021

.. reporter security department sudden movement


Director General Mostafa Shehata, head of Giza Security, showed a limited movement among policemen on Sunday.

The movement, approved by Brigadier General Reda Al-Omda, is headed by Col. Mohammed Al-Haddad, head of technical support, and Loh. Col. Mohammad Saeed, Mohammed Al Baghdadi, Captain Mena Khalaf Hanna, port manager, Mohammed Alaa Farouk, Operations Manager.

The movement included the departments of Mohammed Helmi El Sadawi, Kham Zayed, Ahmed Hanafy Mahmoud, Hawamdeya, and Ahmed Mohammed Hassaine, Karam Hindawi, to manage roads and harbors. Captain Captain Mohamed Hamed Matar, Captain Ahmed El-Batran, Captain Mohamed Hamed Matar, Captain Marwan Al Kadi captain, Captain Carim Abdel Hadi, Captain Hazem Kamel,

Muamen Abdul-Khaleq Nazmi of the Counter-Monument Department, who was the lieutenant of Ahmed Said Hussein on October 2, Lieutenant to Ahmad Magdy Wahba, Lieutenant Farouq Ahmed Farouq, Khaled Farghaly, first October teaching assistant.

This movement also included the transfer of Brigadier Adel Abu Surai from police officers of the Pyramids to the commander of the Hawamdiyah Center. Police officers of the Al Hawamdiya Police Station and police officers of the Pyramids, Brigadier Adel Abu Surai.

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