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«Reham Shaaban» .. The doctor knows the disease «Diabetes»


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«Opposition to tradition and tradition»: Riham Shaaban ».. The physician is aware of the disease« diabetes »by citing the sunrise portal on Tuesday, November 13, 2018.

Despite the importance of the message that Reham Shaaban, a young pharmacist, has launched a campaign to increase her awareness of diabetes by combining her presence with lightness and dumping skills, although she has been a recognized initiative in many areas of human, social and health life And characterized by monotony.

She graduated from the University of Pharmacy two years ago at the University of Modern Science and Literature in October and began her program called "Mini Doctor" without forgetting the science of pharmacy despite her poetic artistic talent and her five year poetry practice. Facebook".

In this program, you can tell others about common diseases that you misunderstand by combining your talents with the science you teach, or through a series of preventive and therapeutic episodes, such as headaches, sunburn alerts, Influenza »,« diabetes ».

In a statement to Al-Shorouq, Reham began a series of awareness seminars on diabetes in a campaign sponsored by one of the importers to measure diabetes, and the public's perception of how to deal with the most important causes of disease and prevention and infection To the public.

The campaign consists of weekly episodes, some of which involve meetings with specialists, and video presentations were announced on the official Facebook page last week, with a second video to be released two days later, according to Reham. Eight episodes, no episodes to publish, have yet to be specified.

The young doctor specifically chose "diabetes" in the campaign, explaining that the sponsoring company raised the idea after a remarkable success in the seminar, especially in dealing with diabetes conversations, despite increased infection rates in Egypt . .

During the campaign, Reham Shaaban announced three types of diabetes.

The first type of diabetes is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system attacks insulin production cells in the pancreas and destroys the pancreas and stops insulin production in the pancreas.

The first type of diabetes spreads among young people, unlike the second type, which is especially common among the elderly. Although the pancreas produces enough insulin, aging and obesity are linked and the body can not resist and effectively benefit from it.

The third type is contingent: during pregnancy, the same symptoms as in the second type can occur, and it ends at the moment of pregnancy, but since postpartum diabetes is high, postpartum women are advised to follow a specific diet and lose weight.

Sometimes the first and second types of insulin are produced in the pancreas and are sometimes interrupted by production.

• Symptoms and complications

Diabetic patients have several symptoms, and most importantly, complications of disease are neglected when treatment for frequent urination, low body weight, extreme thirst, persistent hunger, persistent fatigue, and loss of vision is avoided by maintaining weight and exercising and eating Healthy food.

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