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Post-blood vessels


The gallbladder is under the liver and it is used as a reservoir of gallification agents that are fed to feed foods, and the gallbladder tastes and the gal is through the gallbladder stream in & nbsp; the gut and helps with the pollution. There are the gallstones classified in the blood vessels that can cause blood vessels, the pancreatic disorder causes the doctors always choose to remove the vial, so the patient is sent.

Causes of gallbladder removal

Most commonly because of the gallbladder symptoms that have caused pain, there is an incomprehensible gallbladder inflammation due to the presence of gallstones gallstones that is the most common cause of gallbladder dependence, especially for the gallbladder in a reservoir of gallas money is in the digestive system "missing" in garbage and supply, or intestines, to help feed fat foods in blood flow, gelstones usually do not have a lot of problems, but one of These stones on & # 39; The entrance of a gallbladder or pale duo has been caused to cause severe pain, including the jubilee and the accumulation of bacteria that may cause the bitterness, the treatment of The inflammation of the Gallbladder is an antibiotic and with the ongoing pain and tumor solution as doctors are surgery.


After surgery and gallbladder dependency, the patient has a desire to not eat after eating, and feels that while eating is against '# 39; the operation he has done, but it's not so, PIn most cases after Cholecystectomy Leave everything all right However, it is best to eat small meals in a short time, while the good kitchen helps.

If that is In the first days after surgery, it is advisable to reduce high fetal foods, which can cause a result of yellow cheese and dairy products of 9% or more fat, oily, oily, butter and meager . Also, make high fat foods such as margarine, avocado, tahini, chickpeas, sauces with more than 5% fat, as well as bricks and seeds and spices in the first period of surgery.

What you eat can eat without fear of cholecystectomy

– Kez and dairy products get 5% fat

– Eat dog (without skin)

– thick fish (and possible tonne without oil)

– Eiprotein found in egg whites

– Bread, noodles and cereals

– Green and fruit

– Rice, bakewight and xxi

– greasy sweets such as jelly and taste sorbet (up to 5% fat)

After three days of surgery, high blood fat content can be added gradually.

Eat you have to be erased for a while

It is also possible to lay high fat content, but it is best to have the following foods: avocado, mayonnaise, tahini, oalje, ghee, butter, nuts and salads, such as hummus and mayonnaise ground, such as chocolates, biscuits, chocolates and minimizing consumption of cookies and cookies.

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