Tuesday , June 15 2021

“NASA” clarifies the truth of the image “rainbow” on Mars

The image is causing a lot of speculation online, because scientific evidence does not support the possibility that rainbows will appear on the red planet.

On planet Earth, rainbows appear as sunlight opposes favorable weather conditions because light is reflected in the atmosphere.

But it is different with Mars, because the Martian atmosphere is cold, thin and dry, the chance that the image is of a real rainbow is unlikely.

In a tweet on Twitter, NASA moderated the debate among interested parties, saying that many ask: “Is this a rainbow on Mars? No, a rainbow is not possible here. Rainbows consist of light that is reflected by circular water droplets, but there is here not enough water to condense, “Even the very cold weather does not allow the presence of liquid water in the atmosphere of” the red planet “.

They confirmed that the arc is simply a “glow of light on the camera lens.”

Some users of the social networking platform “Reddit” had expected that the arc would be caused by the reflection of light on dust particles, instead of water.

Others said that the arc may be the result of the reflection of light on the ice particles, which is observed at the poles of the red planet.

But the stronger theory is that the “rainbow” is caused by random light rays entering the camera lens, similar to the “lens flare” in ordinary cameras.

Dave Lavery, executive director of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Program, explained in an interview with Forbes that what people saw was “absolutely not a rainbow. It’s just internal reflections in the camera lens.”

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