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More than tomato … fighting skin cancer


More than tomato ... fighting skin cancer
More than tomato … fighting skin cancer

More than tomato .. intense skin cancer and other charters created by Mersal Neur. We are sprinkling more tomatoes than you are. They are fighting skin cancer and more tomatoes. Fight against skin cancer. We spread your visitors. New news Today, starting with our charter, the most prominent news is the fight against skin cancer.

More than tomato ... fighting skin cancerMore than tomato ... fighting skin cancer

According to a new study in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, daily use of tomatoes can significantly reduce the risk of skin cancer.

The researchers explained that a substance that should give tomato red color could be a secret in the fight against the damage caused by sunlight.

In rats, people consuming tomato powder for 35 weeks daily reduced the size of skin cancer.

The researchers reported that all mice were exposed to ultraviolet light, one of the causes of skin cancer.

Rats fed with tomato powder have reduced the chance of about 50% lethal tumors.

The researchers found that red tomatoes containing carotenoids (carotenoids) affect the onset of skin cancer, not green tomatoes.

This result applies only to male rats, and it should be noted that not eating female tomatoes has no effect on tumor size reduction.

Advantages of Tomato The benefits of tomatoes are not only to fight skin cancer, but also to: Helps control blood sugar in diabetics Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Help with weight loss Symptoms of anti-wrinkle and aging Prevention of osteoporosis Prevent constipation.

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