Tuesday , September 27 2022

Mohammed Salah's impressions of Liverpool vs Fulham


Liverpool beat Egypt's Mohamed Salah and Fulham 2-0.

Liverpool scored in the 41st and 53rd minutes against Mohammed Sala and Sheridan Shakiri.

Mohamed Salah showed a great show at Liverpool and Fulham, and unfortunately he was closer to scoring one more goal.

Liverpool today included Allison of goalkeeper Alexandre Arnold. Alexander Arnold – Gomez – Van Dyke – Robertson – Shakiri – Paen Ho – Final Dome – Mohammed Sala – Permo – Sadio Mani And Minnie On The Bench – James Milner – Henderson – Louvrein – Storidge – Moreno.

Liverpool had a derby match between Manchester City and Manchester United at the Stadium Union at 6:30 pm, but stopped five points in the final game, but temporarily scored 30 points at the top of the English League.

Egyptian star Mohamed Salah has scored 34 goals since joining the Reds in the summer of 2017 with an incentive of € 42 million and € 8 million in Rome, Italy.

Mohammed Sala played 36 matches against Liverpool, who scored 34 goals in the English Premier League title against Egyptian Pharaoh.

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