Monday , November 29 2021

Mansoura assumes Tanta in the second and decides the third group in # 39; the second section


Mansoura has achieved a great victory with two goals against the Tanta team in # 39 held at the Tanta Club Stadium on # the end of the playoffs of # 39; the tenth round of 'third group in & # 39; the second section .

Mansoura scored the goals of Mahab Saeed and Jalal Cherkaoui in & # 39; 10th and 22th of # 39; the second half, while Mansoura is more striker than a goal in the second half.

The result of this result is the rise of Mansoura 21 points, leading the third group, while Tanta stop at point 15 on sixth place.

Mansoura's victory on Tanta was the first defeat since the beginning of the second division. The team played nine games in six matches and won three matches to stop 15 points in fifth place..

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